Saturday, August 05, 2006

My writing

My writing experiences?
By: Soraya Fallah
I have many experience, good and bad memories of my writing. I remember I had a good friend, whose name was Setareh. She was one of the best students in school and even though I was too, but not better than her. I was always admiring her. One day we had an essay about Stand strong against problems, and I was writing an essay with the beginning of an old poem and before starting in the class (as usual that we should read out loud our essay in front of all students in the class) I explained and illustrate a shape. I read it with strong ton. In less than a few minutes bell rang and I still continued to read, I was expecting to be cut by teacher or interrupted by classmates, but no body moved till the last sentences and after a few minutes silence they clapped. Setareh came to me and very deep said you are writing unbelievable and invited me to her house for day after that was holyday. I went there she told me she doesn’t want to stay in my class anymore and even in the school, because I can not be in a school where there is a better student especially in essay that catches focus of principal and making popularity between students. She told her problem to her family and since she was the only child in her house her family made decision to move to another school. I felt guilty and I

promised myself to keep contact with her forever, but later on they moved to another city and for many years I felt that it was my fault.
Stages and Kinds: I can divided my writing in 3 steps: The first one was writing internal and social essays and assignment for school and for the others and in my diary as a 2nd and 3rd person, second step was my writing during University that were totally political matters and research papers for school and for news paper and my job place. Third stage is what I am doing and experiencing as a third language’s learner to follow directions and not get behind.
In-school and out-school: I usually don’t write in the same ways for both like everyone else’s.
Audience: In personal writing I am writing to an audience who is me. And in impersonal I am writing to the others in schools assignment I usually write for classmates and the teacher.
Physical: Physical condition is important for me. Because of my bad hand writing I usually prefer to use of computers in school and make copy of them right away. I used to write in a park in nature close to river, but they make me cry.

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