Wednesday, July 29, 2009

World’s Women For Life

“Protect life, Improve life, Celebrate life.”

World’s Women For Life is Launching its First Field Project to Promote Life and Preemptive Peace. Summer 2009, Northern Iraq.

Press Release
July 18, 2009
The newly formed NGO, World’s Women For Life, and its dedicated volunteer force of distinguished founders, scholars, activists, writers, educators, and secular and religious leaders from around the world, are meeting in northern Iraq to launch the first field chapter of this organization.

In March 2009 a team of activists, including psychiatrist and renown author David Kazzaz, M.D.; prominent human rights advocate Mrs. Soraya Fallah, M.A.; life-long activist and scholar Saman Shali, Ph.D.; and dedicated human rights advocate and professor Sharon Linzey, Ph.D., put their decades of experience and expertise together to create World’s Women For Life. The philosophical underpinnings of this movement are contained in the “Life Manifesto: a Guide to a Safer World,” written by David Kazzaz. The founders’ vision is to embark on a cultural campaign against the culture of death by empowering women in conflict-ridden areas and nurturing life worldwide. The founders established World’s Women For Life with the expert professional assistance of a varied and well-balanced advisory board in Denver, Colorado. The organization is secular and humanistic in nature and transcends all borders.
Summer 2009 Project:
The first project to be undertaken by WWFL will begin in north Iraq. The twenty-one member ‘Culture of Life’ delegation believes that it is important to assist the people of Iraq in rebuilding their society during this volatile time. With the culture of death and extremism evident, WWFL can plant the seed of hope for children and adults while encouraging men and women to teach the message of life to the next generation. The delegation will focus on reinforcing educational principles that discourage cultural attitudes of harm to self and others. During the past year much hard work has been done by passionate volunteers to prepare for this venture. These efforts have stretched over long hours for both the activists in Iraq and those visiting from around the world. The delegation is excited to advocate for a movement that will bring us closer to a day when people cherish the blessings of life rather than worship martyrdom. Some of WWFL’s future plans in Iraq involve the building of a center to provide shelter for potential victims of honor killing. WWFL will also sponsor workshops to teach college students and community activists how to continue WWFL’s services once the delegation is no longer present to share. Members of the delegation plan to meet with several ministers and government agencies to stress the need to invest in early childhood education and the role of women in non-violent engagement.
Please visit the WWFL website listed below to learn more about the biographies of the members of the Culture of Life delegation; the full story of World’s Women For Life; Dr. Kazzaz’ “Life Manifesto: A Guide to a Safer World”; the delegation’s plans in Iraq; and how you can get involved, contribute, or fund current or future projects.
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