Monday, June 12, 2006

Woman right

Iranian Women Demand Equal Legal Status

The laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran continue to treat women as second-class citizens, and deem the value of the life of a woman as half that of a man's. Women are denied equal rights in many elements of family life, including marriage and divorce, child custody, and inheritance laws.

On Monday, June 12, Iranian women will gather in Tehran to demand equal rights, including equality of women before the court and in family law, the banning of polygamy, an increase in the age of legal responsibility for girl and boy children to 18 years old, and the reform of employment laws which disadvantage female employees.

Activists campaigning for women's rights in Iran have asked Human Rights First to encourage our supporters to show solidarity with their peaceful demand for an end to all forms of legal discrimination against them.

Send a message to the Iranian authorities in support of the demonstrators and calling on the Iranian government to protect women exercising their basic rights to freedom of _expression and assembly from all kinds of brutality and repression to which they have been subjected in the past.