Saturday, August 05, 2006

Drug and children

By Soraya Fallah
Drug and Drug abuse is almost one of the most important subject in our society from childhood till adolescence and old ages.
Drug addiction means that a person’s body has addicted to drug and it can’t function without it. The problem is many people special in teen ages like to have new experiences and they think they never be addicted to any thing and they have power to stop when they want!!! “Why does it happened” is another subject.
Drug addiction makes a person physically and emotionally addicted. When the person’s body comes to expect the presence of a drug, and doesn’t receive it the body will go through a physical withdrawal. Drug addiction can destroy person’s relationships and family life and can harm or even kill them.
During the previous decade, the number of children using drugs have been increased. Children are under new program in school to know more and more about drugs, even more than parents, but why statistic says 40% of 4-10 graders tried marijuana at least once. One of the problem about marijuana is those of parents who grew up during the first wave of drug experimentation, those parents don’t know new products and harmful and dangers new version of marijuana with THC. Peer defection, family problem, having no skills about how to resist peer pressure and say no to their offer, low self steam , no physical activity and thousand reason depend on person are reasons to attract a person to drug.
How can we help and teach children be drug free?
-Helping them feel good about themselves.
-Teaching them the facts about drugs and alcohol.
-Teach them to say “no” to drug offers.
-Make a full time, useful activity for them and spend some time with them.
-Give them responsibility.
-Show them pictures and movies about harmfulness of drugs.
-Help them learn how to solve their problems.
How can we help a child to stop drug and addiction?
There are no facts and no certain way about this matter, but there are some special and useful and experienced ways that can help:
-Have a heart -to -heart talk: helper should drug user friendly and posit icily. -Helper should not threatens. Nagging only encourages the drug user cling to his/her group or to whoever is providing them with drugs.
-Don’t confront he/r when he/r is high on drugs.
-For family intervention should ask them to have relationship with other families that have healthy and drug free kids.
-Professional help and rehabilitation are important.

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