I am so happy today
Congratulation to all human rights activist and Kaboudvand's family
Mr.Mohamad Sedigh Kaboudvand known as father of Kurdish Human rights freed on 700 million Iranian currency bail for 4 days after 2000 days prison.
Mr. Mohamad Sedigh Kaboudvand is a prominent Kurdish-Iranian human rights defender and journalist. In 2005 he founded the Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan (HROK). This group documented human rights violations committed against the Kurdish minority in Iran as well as sought to defend and protect individuals at risk of such abuses. Since July 1st, 2007, Mr. Mohamad Sedigh Kaboudvand has been serving a ten-and-a-half-year prison sentence in Evin Prison for his journalism and human rights advocacy

محمد صدیق کبودوند، پدر صادق و فداکار حقوق بشر کردستان ، روزنامه نگار و فعال حقوق بشر پس از تحمل 2000 روز زندان بدون مرخصی با وثیقه ۷۰۰ میلیونی به مرخصی می رود.
جای صدیق کبودوند در زندان نیست. باید برای آزادی او بیشتر تلاش کرد.

باوكی مافی مرۆڤی كوردستان دوای 6 ساڵ هاتە مور ه خەسی
22. كانونی یه‌كه‌م 2012 هەواڵەکان
خوێندكار: موحەممەد سدیقی كەبوود وەند، سەرۆكی رێكخراوی مافی مرۆڤی كوردستان، دوای تێپەڕ بوونی 6 ساڵ زیندان هاتە مورخەسی.

بە پێی راپۆرتی گەیشتوو بە ماڵپەڕی خوێندكار و بە وتەی ئیجلال قەوامی ، وتەبێژی رێكخراوی مافی مرۆڤی كوردستان، موحەممەد سدیقی كەبوود وەند سەرۆكی ئەم رێكخراوە كە لە ساڵی 1386ی هەتاوییەوە لە بەندیخانەدایە بە دانانی بارمتەی 700 میلیۆن تمەنی، ئەمشەو شەممە، 2ی بەفرانباری ساڵی 1391ی هەتاوی دوای تێپەڕاندنی 6 ساڵ زیندان ئیزنی مورخەسی پێ درا.
ئەمە بڵاو بکەوە
In the beginning of his hunger strike along with other human rights activist in Europe and Southern Kurdistan we created a campaign. As follow:

اعضا وهمکاران کمپین حمایت از محمد صدیق کبودوند
1. آزاد کردی
2. آزاد مرادیان
3. آسو پیروتی
4. ثریا فلاح
5. جهانگیر عبدالهی
6. رحمان جوانمردی
7. ربین رحمانی
8. زاهد حنبلی
9. سلیمان چوکلی
10. سوسن محمدخانی غیاثوند
11. سیامند معینی
12. شکوفه قبادی
13. شلیر باپیری
14. شلیر شبلی
15. شهلا دباغی
16. عارف نادری
17. فواد فتاحی
18. لیلا حسن پور
19. مریم فتحی
20. مسعود فتحی
21. ناهید مکری
22. هومن سعدیه
Every member had some interview or contacting differnt organizations. Following are some of the areas that I covered
On June 29 I had an Interview with Rojhelat TV
Program in Kanoon Sokhan :July 9
-Interview with Voice of Women 102.7 CCPO
-on July 15 I interviewed Kaboodvand’s wife from VOKRadio
July 15 NITV special urgent program on Kaboodvand
-July 17 102.7 Voice of Women CFRO
July 18 after a few request UNAUSA issued a PR
Global campaign Day
Talk to Mothers of laleh to issue PR and support(they did
Talk to Dr.Lahiji and Federation to support along with other organizations(they did,11971
Talk to board of Society for Human rights in Iran to support and issue PR(they did
Luckily now he is doing better. He broke the strike.

Press Release
July, 2012
Contact: Soraya Fallah Vice President of Programming of United Nations Association of the USA/SFV Chapter
Release Iranian-Kurdish Prisoner and Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Mr. Sidigh Kaboudvand

Members of the United Nations Association of the USA - San Fernando Valley Chapter voice their solidarity with the Campaign in Support of Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand. UNA/USA-San Fernando Valley Chapter is joining more than forty other organizations such as International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), Amnesty International, Iranian league for the defends of Human Rights (LDDHI), Human Rights Watch, Reporter’s Without Borders, individual human rights activists, social and civil rights advocates, journalists, writers, academics and Noble Peace Prize winners to call for the immediate and unconditional release of prisoner of conscious Mr. Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand. Mr. Mohamad Sedigh Kaboudvand is a prominent Kurdish-Iranian human rights defender and journalist. In 2005 he founded the Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan (HROK). This group documented human rights violations committed against the Kurdish minority in Iran as well as sought to defend and protect individuals at risk of such abuses. Since July 1st, 2007, Mr. Mohamad Sedigh Kaboudvand has been serving a ten-and-a-half-year prison sentence in Evin Prison for his journalism and human rights advocacy. According to Mr. Mohamad Sedigh Kaboudvand ‘s wife, as well as his lawyer, Mr. Kaboudvand has suffered several heart attacks, prostate disorder, and fast declining health due to the harsh conditions of his imprisonment, months of solitary confinement, and lack of medical treatment. As of May 26,th 2012 Mr. Kaboudvand has been on a hunger strike to protest the authorities’ denial of his repeated requests to see his seriously ill son who has been hospitalized with an undiagnosed ailment since January, 2012. Mr. Kaboudvand is now on his 53rd day of hunger strike, and as of late Sunday July 15th, 2012 he has been refusing water as well as food. His life is in grave danger. The UNA/USA SFV Chapter believes that the Iranian authorities are responsible for Mr. Mohamad Sedigh Kaboudvand’s life and any harm incurred to him by his ongoing hunger strike. We insist that Iranian authorities abide by their own law which allows prisoners visitation rights to family members, and in addition grant Mr. Kaboudvand his freedom so that he can receive urgent medical attention. We also urge the Iranian authorities to respect the life and dignity of all prisoners of conscious in Iran.

David FrancisTuckman Co-president of United Nations Association of the USA/SFV Chapter Ginny Hatfield Co-president of United Nations Association of the USA/SFV Chapter

Authorities-must-release Iranian authorities must release Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand immediately and unconditionally Last Update 17 July 2012
Iranian authorities must release Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand immediately and unconditionally Amnesty International, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), and its affiliate, the Iranian league for the Defence of Human Rights (LDDHI), called in a joint statement today on the Iranian authorities to immediately and unconditionally release Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand, and said that the Iranian authorities are responsible for any risks to his life as a result of his ongoing hunger strike. The three human rights organisations consider Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand, a member of Iran’s Kurdish minority, to be a prisoner of conscience, solely held for his journalistic and human rights work and the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of expression. Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand started a “dry” hunger strike, refusing also water, on the evening of Saturday, 14 July 2012, but has accepted the requests from family and friends to begin drinking water during the current week of 16 July, though he has not specified the exact day. Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand has said that when he ends his “dry” hunger strike he would continue his “wet” hunger strike, refusing food, which he began on 26 May in protest at the Iranian authorities’ refusal to grant him renewed permission to visit his sick son. His son, Pejman, has been ill since January 2012 with an undiagnosed condition. Since then, Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand has been allowed to visit his son on a few occasions, most recently in late April/early May 2012, when prison authorities took him to his son’s bedside for a visit lasting approximately 30 minutes. The authorities have since declined Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudand prison leave for further visits, despite the relevant provisions of the Prison Regulations in Iran that allow such visits on a discretionary basis. Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand’s health conditions have drastically deteriorated since he launched his hunger strike to protest the conditions he described in an open letter from 27 May 2012 as follows: “The Prosecutor and the security apparatuses continue to deny [prison] leave because of their enmity, grudge and malice towards me as a human rights activist; this despite my having served half of my illegal and unjust prison sentence and my son’s incurable diseases and acute emergency situation... Therefore, to protest the illegal and inhumane behaviour of these judicial and security officials, I launch an indefinite hunger strike as of 9 PM, Saturday 26 May 2012." The prison medical personnel and doctors have recommended his transfer to an outside hospital for necessary medical care. Nevertheless, the prison officials declined to take him to hospital without handcuffs in early July 2012. Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand, former editor of the weekly Payam-e Mardom-e Kurdistan and founder of the Human Rights Organisation of Kurdistan, has been serving a 10-and-a-half-year prison sentence since 1 July 2007 after having been convicted of charges relating to his journalism and human rights work. Since the start of his imprisonment, Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand has reportedly suffered three strokes and at least one heart attack, prostate and kidney problems, and has had periods of dizziness and unconsciousness. However, he has not had consistent access to all necessary medical care. Ann Harrison, Deputy Director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa Programme, said: "Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand is a prisoner of conscience, held solely for his journalistic and human rights work and the peaceful exercise of his right to freedom of expression. He should never have been arrested in the first place, and must be released immediately and unconditionally so that he is free to be with his family at this distressing time.” Karim Lahidji, Vice President of FIDH and President of LDDHI said: "In the meantime, the Iranian authorities are responsible for any possible risks to Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand’s life as a result of his continuing hunger strike and his deteriorating conditions. "Under the UN Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners, the Iranian authorities are obliged to take immediate action to provide urgent medical care to Mohammad Sadiq Kaboudvand. They must stop further tormenting a father by denying him the right to visit his ailing son."

To: The Nobel Peace Prize Committee

Subject: Nominating Maohamed Sadig Kaboudvand an imprisoned journalist,human rights defender and founder of Kurdistan Human Rights Organization for theNobel Peace Prize 2011.

The Nobel PeacePrize 2010 has been awarded to Liu Xiaobo and that was an important point atthe history of Nobel Peace Prize. His Profile is very similar to the profile ofMohammad Sedigh Kaboudvand who is currently serving an 11 year sentence in Iran’snotorious Evin prison while Liu Xiaobo is experiencing a similar situation of11 years of imprisonment in China.The most important similarity, however, is their long and non-violent strugglefor fundamental human rights and democracy.

The Kurds havealways been subjected to suppression and their struggle for their basic rightsand the right to their own identity has cost them a high price of torture,imprisonment, execution, assassination, exile and exodus. In a region like Kurdistan, this time we are talking about Kaboudvand who isan independent human rights defender who tries to use a different rhetoric. Heis a journalist and his weapon is his writings, his magazine, his books and hisreports and his organization which is a pioneer human rights organization inIranian Kurdistan. He is called the father of human rights in Kurdistan sincehe was the person who tried hard to record the examples of human rightsviolation, to report and communicate with the international human rightsorganizations and to introduce the codes of human rights to his people and mostimportantly to teach the culture of civil society organizations into thatsociety.

Kaboudvand, who wasborn in1963, is married and the father of a daughter and two sons. He hasbachelor degree in commerce management, master degree in Finance (accounting)and his study in the field of International law (M.A. degree) left uncompleteddue to his arrest.

In 1996,Kaboudvand and a number of activists founded an organization called Unity forDemocracy in Iran.It was a civil society organization aimed at creating a democratic civicculture acting publicly and peacefully. The organization published an internal magazine called Voice of Freedom. Theactual reports and general information about the Human rights situation in Kurdistan in Iran was the main topics covered bythe magazine. After a while, their activities got limited and the organizationstopped.

During 1997 to 1999 Kaboudvand was busy writingabout social movements, women’s rights and democracy. His books from thisperiod are “the Other Half” which is about women’s rights, “Democracy in Limbo”which discusses transition towards democracy and finally “Social Movements”.The Iranian government did not allow the books to be published despite theauthor’s efforts and even after they had been revised several times.

In 1998, Kaboudvand applied for the permissionto release a national weekly magazine. After waiting for 5 years, the ministryof culture and Islamic guidance finally approved his request in September 2002.The weekly magazine called “Payam-e- mardom” or “People Message” and it was ananalytical magazine covering human rights, women rights and Kurdish people’srights in the format of political, social, cultural, historical and linguisticarticles published in both Kurdish and Farsi. Kaboudvand was the chief editorof the magazine. In June 2003, due to intelligence forces’ complaint,Kaboudvand got arrested and the initial court sentenced him to a one and a halfyear suspended jail term. After his release, he sent a message to the officialand governmental press demanding the observation and recognition of Kurdishpeople’s identity in Iranby the government. Publishing that message, the magazine was shut-down by anorder issued by general court.

In an effort to defend the rights of Kurdsin Iran,Kaboudvand along with a group of friends established the Kurdistan Human RightsOrganization (HROK) in April 2005. He became the President and speaker of theorganization. This non-governmental organization was preparing reports on theconditions and instances of human rights violations in Kurdistan. The organization was a politically and religiously independent body. It hadoffices in Tehranand Kurdistan province. Close to 200 localreporters throughout Kurdistan region wereworking with this organization. The organization had both human rightsreporters as well as human rights watches. The objectives of the HROK include theprotection of fundamental rights such as those set out in the UniversalDeclaration of Human Rights and international conventions; the teaching,dissemination and encouragement of respect for human rights in Kurdistan; and the development of friendly relationsbetween the peoples of Iranbased on the principle of equality before the law.

Kaboudvand actively documented andreported on human rights violations in Kurdistan,from 9 April 2005when he established the HROK,until the time of his arrest. During this period from April 2005 to July 2007,more than 250 reports were prepared and interview conducted.
On July 1st, 2007, Kaboudvand was arrested at hisoffice in Vanak Squarein Tehran byfour plain clothes security officers and he has been held in prison since then.Kaboudvand’s rights as a prisoner have been severely abused. He was kept insolitary confinement for 7 months in section 209 and 240 of Evin prison.
Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court sentenced Mr.Kaboodvand to an 11-year jail term and on October 23rd, 2008; branch 54 ofTehran Court of Appeal approved 10 years and six months. Kaboudvand has been charged and convicted for“acting against national security through establishing the Human RightsOrganization of Kurdistan (HROK)”, spreading propaganda against the regime bycirculating news, opposing the Islamic penal code by openly criticizingpenalties such as stoning and hanging and his support of politicalprisoners.
Evidence cited in court was focused on theestablishment of the HROK in 2005, communicating human rights violations toUnited Nations agencies and writing to former UN Secretary General Kofi Annan.In addition, many other of the normal human rights monitoring and advocacyactivities, which are not crimes in Iran, were cited as evidence supporting thecharges against Kaboudvand, for example advocating for the equal rights ofwomen and men and communicating with the Secretary General and HighCommissioner for Human rights of the United Nations. The Human RightsOrganization of Kurdistan was not operating illegally as it was claimed duringthe trial. None of the activities of the HROK cited as evidence againstKaboudvand were shown to be threats to the national security of Iran. But theseactivities are all parts of the professional obligations of human rightsdefenders.
Mr. KABUDVAND isa prisoner of conscience held only for having peacefully exercised his rightsto freedom of expression and association and dedicating his relatedorganization to the defense of human rights in Iranian Kurdistan.

Kaboudvand hassuffered heart attack and brain stroke several times in the prison. He suffers from acute cardiac distress, blocked blood vessels, kidney and prostate disorder and severe headaches but continued pleas by his family and prison doctors for much needed access to healthcare have been ignored by prison authorities. He has been given suspicious anti-anxiety sedative medication in prison which has created additional health problems including depression, lossof concentration and constant dizziness. They appear to be denying him appropriate medical assessment as a way of further punishing him for his peaceful political activities. Lately (January 4th, 2011) his family received information indicating that Kaboudvand has prostate cancer and needs medical care which is not available in the jail.

It is worthymentioning that all Kurdish civil society, women, human rights and politicalorganizations, intellectuals and Kurdish activists all over the world supporthis candidacy and he is nominated through a joined movement. In brief,Kaboudvand is nominated and supported by his people since he has been the ambassadorof exercising peaceful non-violent strategies to achieve basic human rights ofKurdish people and this makes him entitled to the prize of peace. Additionally,the Kurdish people can see the commitment of the international community to themessage of real peace in Kurdistan through theprize of Nobel.

Kaboudvand iswell known to the international community organizations including Amnestyinternational and European Union. Kaboodvand received a Hellman Award (forwriters subjected to harassment) from Human Rights Watch in 2009. He also wasawarded as the International Journalist of the year the Press Gazette BritishPress Award in 2009.

Right now, Kaboudvandis paying a high price for his advocacy to Human Rights and we as a group of Kurdish women activists havingdifferent political views living in Europecollaborating in a temporarycommittee declare our full support for Kabudvand’s nomination and we believeKabudvand is completely competent and qualified person of the award. Hisefforts have always focused on building a better world for human beings andrealization of human rights.

Best Regards
The committee of supporting nomination of Kaboudvand for the Nobel peacePrize 2011

Neda Shahbazi, Soraya, Fallah, Shahla Dabaghi, Nahid Mokri,Marzieh Javanmard, Jamileh Rahimi, Shahin Shahlaei, Golaleh Sharafkandi,Shikofeh Ghobadi, Negin Shikholislami, Shler Bapiri, Samira pourandokht, ZeinabIlkhanizadeh


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In september a group of activists working in solidarity with imprisoned Iranian teachers started a campaign named "Be Voice of Iranian Teachers."
In Iran the teacher unions are banned and the civil activist teachers are prosecuted and detained by the government. Currently all of the teacher unions in Iran are disassembled and many of their active members are either arrested or pending an arrest. Three of the arrested teachers have been sentenced to death and their execution is imminent. The campaign "Be Voice of Iranian Teachers" which is running through Facebook has been able to draw attention of many international organizations and teacher unions across the world within a short period of time. On October 5th this Campaign has issued an statement which carries about 300 signatures of individuals across the board, and dozens of trade unions, associations and political parties.
Hoping to hear from your solidarity with our teachers, I am sharing this statement here in the hopeful anticipation that we will witness the freedom and release of all of the imprisoned teachers in Iran.
We are a group of civil, political and human rights activists who on the occasion of the World Teachers Day on October 5th wish to congratulate the brave, brilliant and perseverant teachers of our beloved country. And as we commemorate the dear memory of Farzad Kamangar, we wish to draw attention to the following essential issues:
1. We warn against the danger that the bitter experience of Farzad Kamangar’s execution could repeat itself, and express our deepest concerns regarding the imminent execution of further three imprisoned teachers: Abolreza Ghanbari, Hashem Shabaninejad and Hadi Rashedi. We urge all international organizations to take immediate and coordinated action in order to revoke the aforementioned execution orders.
2. We believe that imprisoning teachers is like enchaining thought and education, and hence we demand the immediate and unconditional release of the imprisoned teachers: Mohammad Ali Agoushi, Mahmoud Bagheri, Rasoul Badaghi, Mohamad Daavari and Abdollah Momeni.
3. Development and implementation of unjust, inefficient and hasty policies on education, and students and teachers issues depict an extremely worrisome prospect for the country. Persistence of such policies will cause deep and widespread damage, leading to major crises in the state of education in the country.
4. As long as the teachers are struggling to make ends meet, they are unable to make use of the most of their abilities to educate and nurture students. Therefore we demand for an improved livelihood conditions for our teachers.
5. We demand an end to the heavy security atmosphere and all of the pressure exerted by the intelligence apparatus on the teacher unions and associations, and demand that these organizations to be allowed to resume the legitimate activities. An end to the summons, intimidations, prosecution and exiling of the members of such organizations would be the wisest choice that the ruling government can make in dealing with the educators of the community.
Last but not least, as we emphasize the importance and value of the educational institutions and the role of teachers in building an educated, democratic and developed society, we would like to call upon all civil activists operating in different sectors, to address the educational issues and problems of teachers inside the country.
Abas Mazaheri, Abas Shirazi, Abbas Hakimzadeh, Abolfazl Rahimi Shad, Abolhamid Masoomi Tehrani, Abtin Ghafari, Ahmad Ahmadian, Ahmad Azad, Ahmad Eshghyar, Ahmad Medadi, Ahsan Zehtab, Akbar Mohabatzadeh, Ali Abdi, Ali Afshari, Ali Akbar Mehdi, Ali Akbar Mousavi Khooini, Ali Asghar Ramezanpour, Ali Fatovi, Ali hosein Ghazi zadeh, Ali Kalayi, Ali Mazrouii, Ali Nazari, Ali Porsan, Ali Samad, Ali Tabatabaii, Ali Tabatabayi, Ali Taghi Pou rineh, Ali Tarokh, Alireza Kiani, Alireza Mousavi, Alvandian, Amin Riahi, Amin Sorkhabi, Amir Biglari, Amir Hosein Ganj Bakhsh, Amir Hossein Seraji, Amir memarian, Amir Safarian , Amir Varesteh Heydar, AMoochehr Shafayi, Arash Abadpour (Kamangir), Arash Janati Atayi, Ardavan Ershadef ,Arman Shirazi, Arnoush Azrahini, Asal Pirzadeh, Ashkan Yazdchi, Ashkboos Taalebi, Asieh Amini, Ata Tehranchi, Azad Moradian, Azadeh Asadi, Azadeh Khosroshahi, Azadeh Kian, Azar Yaghmayi, Azita Eskandarioun, Babak Ejlali, Bahram Emami, Bahram Partoy, Behnam Saaremi, Behnaz Mehrani, Behrooz Aadel, Behrooz Khaligh, Behrooz Sooren, Behrooz Sotoodeh, Behzad Karimi, Behzad Mehrani, Behzad Parnian, Bijan Eftekhari, Bijan Pirzadeh, Bijan Saf seri, Darab Shabahang, Davood Navayian, Ehsan Mansouri, Elahi, Emad Hashemi, Emal Maleki, Esmail Khatayi, Fahad Soofi, Fariba Dovodi Mohajer, Farid Asadi, Farid Ashkan, Farokh Negahdar, Farshad Toomaj, Farshid Azarniosh, Farshid Faryabi, Farya Barlas, Fateme Rezayi, Fatemeh Arabsorkhi, Fereydoon Naghiibi, Firoozeh Foooladi, Gisou Jahangiri, Haadeh Kahal zadeh, Habib Tabrizian, Halmand Aryabi, Hamed Ebrahiminejad, Hamid Azadi, Hamid Mafi, Hanif Hosein Doost, Hanif Mazrouii, Hasan Fereshtian, Hasan Jafari, Hasan Masali, Hasan Nayeb Hashem, Hasan Shariatmadari, Hasan Taalebi, Hidreza Zarifi Nia, Hojat Narenji, Hooman dolati, Hootan Dolari, Hosein Alavi, Hosein Behgar, Hosein Sobhan, Hosein Tokashavand, Iraj Bagherzadeh, Jafar Ghadim Khani, Jafar Hosein Zadeh, Jalal Kharmanbiz, Jaleh Behroozi , Jamshid Asadi, Kamal Davoodi, Kambiz Ghafoori, Kamyar Behrang, Karim Shambiayati, Katayoon Azimi Fard, Katayoon Pezeshki, Kazem Alamdari, Kazem Izadi, Keyvan Forouzan, Khadieh Moghadam, Khalili, Khosro Alab Akbari, Khosro Khaajehnoori, Kourosh Sahati, Liona Isagholian, Mahmoud Karimi Hakak, Mahnaz Parakand, Majid Moahamadi, Majid Tamjidi, Manijeh Shokouhi, Manouchehr Maghsoodnia, Mansour Moadel, Maryam Ahari, Maryam Moghadam, Maryam Pourtangetani, Maryam Rouzbahani, Maryam Tahmasebi, Masood Azari, Masoomeh Zia, Mavad Mostoofi, Mazdak Abdipour, Mehdi Amini, Meghdad Barimani, Mehdi Aghdam, Mehdi Arabshahi, Mehdi Fatapur, Mehdi Khan Baba Tehrani, Mehdi Nozar, Mehdi Saidpour, Mehdi Yarmohamadi, Mehran Barati, Mehran Mostafavi, Mehrdad Darvishpour, Mehrdad Ehsanipour, Mehrzad Mehrbeomid, Meysam Roudaki, Moahamad hosein Jafari, Mohamad Javad Dardkeshan, Mohamad Javad Sharighi Navid, Mohamad Oliayi fard, Mohamad Saber Abbassian, Mohamad Sadeghi, Mohamad Tahavori, Mohsen Nejad, Mohsen Zamani, Monir Kaashef, Morteza Malek Moahamadi, Mostafa Khosravi, Nader Entesar, Nader Hashemi, Narges Kermanshahi, Nasim Sarabandi, Negin Bank, Nejat Bahrami, Nikrooz Olad Azami, Noushin Esfahani, Omid Kouhi, Pari Neshat, Parto Noori ala, Parvin BakhtiarNejad, Parvin Kahzadi, Parvin Malek, Parviz Mokhtari, Pejman Haghighi, Rahim Shambiani, Rajab Bazrafshan, Ramin Safizadeh, Reza Alijani, Reza boroumand, Reza Fani Yazdi, Reza Fani Yazdi, Reza Ghazi Nouri, Reza Ghoreshi, Reza Goharzad, Reza Hiva, Reza Karimi, Reza Kaviani, Reza Mobayen, Reza Siavoshi, Reza Younesi, Sadra Semnani Rahbar, Saeid Ghaseminejad, Sahar Reza Zadeh, Said Agonji, Said Oayvandi, Sajad Shahmoradi, Sajad Vesmoradi, Salman Sima, Setahre Hasan pour, Seyed Ali Bani Jamali, Seyed Hanif Sajedi, Seyed Kouhzad Esmaeili, Shahab Feyzi, Shahabedin Sheikhi, Shahin Nourbakhsh, Shahram Fadakar, Shahran Tabari, Sheri Sadegh Kamali, Shide Rezayi, Siavas Siavashi, Siavash Aghbari, Siavash Baman, Siavash FAraji, Siavash Safavi, Sohrab Razaghi, Soraya Fallah, Soufia Sadigh pour, Sourena Hashemi, Syed Akbar Roohani, Vahab ensari, Yohena najaddi, Yousef Azizi Bani Taraf, Zia Shahla Bahardoost, Ziba Mirhoseini

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3/25/12 In memory of Halabjeh
Screening Jano Rosbaini film,com_events/task,view_detail/agid,87/year,2012/month,03/day,25/Itemid,3/catids,13|14/
In Memory of Halabja; A Kurdish culture and film appreciation day
(Los Angeles, California)

When: Sunday March 25th 10:00 AM-4:00 PM
By: Kurdish Community of Southern California
Presenting two filmsby Jano Rosebiani
(Cano Rojbeyani)
Jiyan (10:00 am)


Chaplin of the Mountains (1:00 pm)

Jano Rosebiani will be present for Q&A
For information on the films please visit:
There will also be a Potluck (12:00-1:00) so please contribute
Where: 3916 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, CA 90230
Questions , Contact number:
Soraya 818 434 9609
949 705 7050
Nyma 310 279 6398

SanDiego Kurdish New Year 2712,com_events/task,view_detail/agid,86/year,2012/month,03/day,24/Itemid,3/catids,13|14/

CELEBRATING NOWROZ Kurdish New Year 2712, San Diego California

جه‌‌ژنی نه‌ورۆزتان پیرۆزبێت
Kurdish New Year 2712

concert and celebration
San Diego
When: Saturday March 24th 7:00pm-1:00am
By: The Kurdish Community Center of California
Where: Chrystal Ball Banquet Hall
414 N Magnolia Avenue, El Cajon, CA 92020
The singer of the night will be
Suran Kakaie
The pricing is as follows:
AGE: 14 and up=$25 (w/food);
7-14= $15 (w/food)
6 and under is FREE
but does not include food
For Questions please contact:
Evan: 619-600-6124
Rundik: 619-318-0565
Kurdish Human Rights Watch: 619-447-9933


3/24/2012 UNAUSA-SFV
Season's program:

San Fernando Valley Chapter of UNA-USA hosts the
Southern California Division Meeting
Saturday, March 24, 2012 - 11:00 AM

The program will include a presentation by

Karin Mak

which chronicles the struggle for justice by women factory workers in China
who have been poisoned by cadmium while manufacturing nickel-cadmium batteries

Also highlighting the meeting will be a discussion by:


Mandarin King Restaurant
(phone# 818-366-8999)
17092 Devonshire Blvd., Northridge, CA 91325

Directions: From the South travel North on the 405 to the Devonshire exit.
Proceed West to 17092 which is on Devonshire between Balboa and Amestoy Streets.

Parking is available adjacent to the building
Please RSVP to Ginny Hatfield at 818-985-1579 or by Thurs., March 22nd.

We require a 24-hour notice of cancellation or you will be billed.

A family-style Chinese luncheon will be served
$18.00 per person all inclusive Ms. Mak is a documentary filmmaker, who will present her award-winning film, "Red Dust,"

Wednesday 3/21/2012 KPFK 90.7 2:30 PM with Radio Entefada
subject : Mothers of Laleh
Intifada=shaking off - oppression/silence
Voices from Kolkata to Casablanca
Voices of Struggle, Voices for Change
Month Of International Women’s Program
Iran's Mourning Mothers
With Soraya Falah
Wednesday, March 21, 2012, 2:30-3:00pm
KPFK/Pacifica Radio 90.7 fm, Los Angeles
Streaming at and available on audio archive for 90 days

The Mourning Mothers of LALEH
A report on an Iranian women's movement called the Mourning Mothers these Mothers whose sons or daughters were killed or jailed by the Iranian regime during and after the protests against the disputed Presidential elections of 2009 have formed a group that has been gathering in Parks around the world as well as Iran demanding justice and a stop to the continued violence, arrests, death and disappearances of their children. The Iranian regime continues to brutally attack the protesters and imprison them.
Guest: Soraya Falah Women's and Human Rights activist

Produced and Hosted by Nyma Ardalan
of the
SWANA Collective, KPFK/Pacifica
(South and West Asia and North Africa)
WWFL Vs WiLL meeting and website

KIRN 670Am about Newruz in Kurdistan with Kak Nader and Ashim
برنامه هوای تازه با پروین جوادی


Right to left: Maria Amor,Soraya Fallah,Kal Fadai

soraya Fallah in Red Carpet at the program

Media in this program

Maria Amor is introducing the awards
Soraya Fallah is giving Media Award to the following:
Rita Nessian for her dedication in Kurdish Women's project
Moris Moradi,
Ali Bigdeli

MS Kurdistan's Speech in the program:
Ladies and Gentlmen,
I hope you have a good time
I would like to represent awards on behalf of Green Kurdistan
Green Kurdistan is working to accomplish real change for natural roads & food production & solar.
• Our mission is pursuing the use of natural roads and highways and wish to expand to broader markets including sustainable food production, clean powered transportation, and clean energy
For any of you that wondering who we are and what we did; We are a globally active biotechnology company based in greater Los Angeles. We have been pursuing eco-friendly projects for the past 14 years and make it our goal to create concise, economically viable infrastructure solutions.

To date, our dynamic team has focused on building roads in the Latin American markets, where the need for improved infrastructure has been very high. Many in our company, including the CEO, are native to Kurdistan and have a deep personal interest in realizing the improvement of the Kurdish regions. Roads are the beginning, the first step to realizing much needed hospitals, modern infrastructure, and most importantly, schools to help build the education system.

Our vision is to implement foundation for a thriving society based upon Californiaʼs agricultural attributes, and diverse landscapes. And the same model in Kurdish regions.
We are pleased to have your suggestion in hopes we can offer our valuable service to the Kurdish cause. We have many exciting ideas for the urbanization of Kurdistan and all other countries in the world and feel well disposed to meet their serious needs for road building.

Let Us Grow As One Please and Fund Our Passion To Accomplish our mission and vision.

Hope you have a great rest of the evening
Participation of MS Kurdistan as the vice president of Green Kurd in Media appreciation

Location: Sunset Canyon Recreation Center

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Rumor Mill's OPEN MIC/Performance Night

Thursday, July 8, 2010 from 7:30-10:00 pm

opening the show will be Soraya Fallah, who holds an MA in International Relations and Law, and is the Chair of the Kurdish Women Rights Committee. Soraya will be singing a song or two in her native Kurdish, offering a musical glimpse into a culture remote from ours, usually read or heard about only in news reporting on the war in Iraq. Accompanying Soraya will be multi-instrumentalist George Also appearingGyznalyan, a graduate of Roman Millikan Music college in Ervan, Armenia, who plays professionally in Erebuni Band. He frequently appears with Soraya in support of anti-genocidal and Kurdish women's rights issues.


COMEDY: ROUND TWO !! this Thursday, July 8, 2010 from 7:30-10:00 pm brings the return of the funny in the form of actress/comedienne/writer–and host–Sardia Marley with a brand-new group of five sublimely ridiculous, seriously disturbed, and wickedly sarcastic individuals. (Warning: these comedians are also often dressed funny by their mothers, and should not be approached by civilians unarmed with a sense of humor!). This week’s group of miscreants notoriously includes Steve Schneider (“Steve lives on a boat in Marina del Rey”: rock on, Mr. S. !) ; Grace Fraga (who describes herself as a “Latino female, 102-years-old, living in Beverly Hills”—and, trust us, all blond bombshell centenarians-plus should look this good! Grace has entertained the troops in Iraq, and is a veteran of such notable comedy venues as Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, and The Improv); Chris Adams (who has performed in Last Comic Standing, at the Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, and The Improv. Chris is currently getting ready to storm the beaches of the Thames River, scale the Big Ben clock tower–and take London, U.K. by storm); Rhune Gill Kincaid (of whom little, alas, is known—come Thursday night to find out more!) and Paul Cibis (of whom it has been truthfully reported: “When not busy performing stand up around Los Angeles, or writing, directing, and editing hilarious content for The, Paul is forever trying to outrun his past as a highly trained international assassin. It is best not to become too involved with Paul, as that is a surefire way to get yourself killed, either directly by one of Paul’s enemies looking for vengeance, or accidentally, by a bullet/explosive/poison dart/throwing star intended for Paul himself.”)

Musicians, actors or other performers interested in participating in future Open Mic/Performance Night events–with comedy routines, dramatic readings, music, one-act plays or performance pieces–are all welcome. Please contact event programmer Joe Staats at 310-889-6172 , or use the sign-up sheet found on the Rumor Mill counter


Seminar on Northern Kurdistan and a reflection on recent events and news

Please Join us: Sunday May 16th at 4:00 PM

KCSC has put a forum together for May 16th at 4 PM at the new Peace Center which includes a talk by prof. Fertig on the HLP Supreme Court case, attending the event is encouraged and open to all, it will be an informative and dynamic program,

1. Prof. Ralph Fertig will update the Kurdish community about the on-going HLP case which was brought before the Supreme Court Justices in February and is pending a ruling very soon, all of us as the Kurdish Community are a part of this case and must be made aware of the possible outcomes and the ruling and its repercussions.

2. Mrs. Soraya Falah will have an update on the Women's conference id Diyarbakr in April,

3. Bakur Visit slide show and talk by Dr. Artin and Mr. Luqman Barwri

4. KCSC activity update

5. Update on Recent Kurdish PM visit to US

6. Open Forum....

Peace Center, Sunday May 16th 4:00 PM

3916 Sepulveda Blvd,
Culver city CA 90230

call 310-279-6398 for information please

just south of Venice blvd.

Register for the Women’s Center
11th Annual Domestic Violence Conference: Global Perspectives on Violence Against Women.
The conference is scheduled for March 6, 2010, 9 am to 4 pm in the Titan Student Union.Click here for more information about this free event.

Partial List of Featured Speaker

Soraya Fallah
Soraya Fallah is a lifelong Women and Human Rights activist, scholar, and a researcher of Kurdish origin, currently residing in the United States. She works extensively with local and International NGOs to promote human rights in the USA and throughout the world, specifically protecting the rights of ethnic minorities in the Middle East. She is the President and co-founder of World’s Women For Life, which is a world-wide movement to promote culture of life and preemptive peace.

Soraya is also a board member and co-founder of Society for Human Rights in Iran, Southern California and member of Amnesty international. She was legal adviser of Amnesty in Denmark on Iranian/Kudish and middle Eastern cases. She is an active member of “Campaign for One Million Signature, Change for Equality”, which is a women’s movement in Iran. She delegated Campaign’s message for first time to the UN Commission on Status of Women. She is the chair and adviser of several other non-for-profit organizations, such as International Pen Kurdish sector, Northern America, UNAUSA, SanFernando, and chair of Kurdish women Rights Committee, KNC, all working for the advancement of human rights and democracy especially for women and minority rights.

She chaired several International Conference in Iraq and US. She delegated violence against Kurdish women in their oppressed states to UN for first time in Kurdish women history in 2007.

Soraya has her M.A in International Relations and Law, and wrote her thesis on “The Role of the United Nations in the Progress of Women’s Rights”. Her recent research and work has been focused on women and violence in the Middle East from a legal perspective.


Rucha Tadwalkar
Rucha Tadwalkar has been involved in the movement to end violence against women for the past ten years. Rucha has worked with numerous women’s rights collectives, grass-roots organizations, and non-profit agencies to create social change. She has spoken on panels, organized workshops, written and published articles, and led community dialogues. Her passion has led her to participate in the Association for Women’s Rights in Development conference in South Africa and be featured on radio and television. Rucha holds a Master’s Degree in Women’s Studies. Currently, she works with a Los Angeles based domestic violence and sexual assault agency to educate the community about gender violence. In this capacity, Rucha has been able to raise awareness about the challenges that monolingual and immigrant survivors face in receiving help, as well as provide culturally sensitive services to the marginalized.

Rucha will be speaking on the topics of gender selection, sex work, and dowry related deaths in the context of India. In many parts of India and the U.S., technology is being misused to determine the sex of a child. Sex workers in India have grown in substantial number, yet no proper laws are in place to protect their rights. Although the custom of dowry has been legally outlawed in India, the practice continues, placing a heavy price on women’s lives. Rucha’s talk will focus on the inequities women experience due to entrenched cultural & patriarchal norms, while also looking at the work being done by activists & NGO’s at the local and global levels to educate and prevent further violence against women.

Jolly has been involved with Invisible Children since the beginning. Her guidance enabled the filmmakers to see and understand the plight of children in northern Uganda, and her leadership and direction helped create IC’s initiatives on the ground. Among her many qualifications, Jolly holds a degree in Business Administration and is experienced in program development and coordination, logistics, and management. She says that developing IC’s operations in Uganda has given her the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream of educating children in the North, especially girls. In addition to her leadership at IC, Jolly also runs HEALS, a program that provides play therapy for war-affected children. Her goal is to continue to change Acholiland from suffering to joy, and to improve the living conditions of youth by providing them with education.

And here is a few other facts about her and Invisible Children that may be relevant to your conference:
1. Invisible Children is the largest supporter of secondary scholarships in northern Uganda.
2. We currently are funding 180 students in our university scholarship program and 144 of these recipients are females.
3. Jolly was nominated for a Noble Peace Prize.
4. She was also featured in the film War Dance which was an Oscar-nominated movie.
5. Invisible Children has a micro-economic initiative known as MEND. This is a program which hires women who were kidnapped by the Lord's Resistance Army as children and forced to become mothers. Following their escape from captivity with their families, these women were taught tailoring skills by another area non-profit. However, their skills were of little use due to an excess of trained tailors already in northern Uganda. We have hired these women to create handbags which Invisible Children then sells in the USA. In addition to now having a regular source of income for their families, these women are also given Savings and Investing Training so that they can learn to save and manage their money for years to come.
6. Invisible Children is currently rebuilding 11 secondary schools in northern Uganda including Sacred Heart Secondary School. This is an all-girls secondary school that used to be among the top 100 schools in the nation. However due to the war, it is no longer considered an elite school by national standards. Students at Sacred Heart are benefiting from new buildings, more qualified teachers, scholarships, increased water and sanitation, and technology advances on the campus that will better prepare the students for national testing.
7. Jolly was the cover piece recently in African Women magazine which is one of the most popular magazines across the continent.
8. Jolly has played an integral role in the peace talks with the LRA and frequently relays messages to both the LRA and the government of Uganda about the wishes and well-being of the Acholi people.


Bryn Freedman
Bryn Freedman is frequent speaker for Free the Slaves. She is on the executive council of Free The Slaves, a co-chair of the annual Freedom Awards and hosted the first ever information connectors gathering at the organizations inception in 2002. She is an award-winning journalist, producer, showrunner, creator, reporter, anchor and author. She is best known for having launched and created the series format for A&E’s INTERVENTION, the two-time Prism Award-winning, Emmy-nominated documentary series which profiles people trying to overcome dependence on drugs or alcohol or other compulsive behavior. Bryn served as the show's Executive Producer, overseeing production on 57 episodes over four seasons. "Intervention" was honored with "The President's Award," given by the Entertainment Industries Council, Inc., to a production that "not only raises awareness about drugs and alcohol but leaves behind a legacy."

Prior to Intervention, she produced such television series as TLC’s SECOND CHANCE, Style Network’s SECOND LOOK and Discovery Channel’s ON THE INSIDE. Throughout her career, Bryn has served in a variety of positions in all aspects of broadcast news. She was deputy bureau chief for ABC News in Los Angeles, and she also worked closely with Barry Diller, then Chairman and CEO of USA Broadcasting, to develop a variety of projects, including The Times USA, a daily news program targeting 18-34-year olds. She is a founding member of International World Television's "The Real News," a non-profit international news network created by print, broadcast and online journalists to produce independent news and documentary programs across broadcast and online platforms.

Bryn came to Los Angeles as an on-camera investigative reporter for Fox Entertainment News and Twentieth Television's nationally syndicated series EDJ (Entertainment Daily Journal). She also served as an on-air correspondent for Fox News, covering national politics, science and the courts for the Los Angeles bureau of Fox News Channel. Prior to that, she worked for WTXF-TV in Philadelphia, where she was named Best News Reporter by Philadelphia Magazine.

Bryn is also an accomplished author, having co-written “In Eddie's Name,” a critically acclaimed nonfiction account of a 1994 murder case in Philadelphia, which exposed critical failings of the city's 911 emergency response system. Since 2002, she has taught seminars in radio and television writing, reporting and production as an Adjunct Professor of Journalism at USC's Annenberg School of Communication.
بزرگداشت روز جهانی زن در آمریکا. سخنرانان: پرتو نوری علا، ثریا فلاح، فرشته قاضی. ۷ مارس، دانشگاه آموری آتلانتا.

اخبار روز:
سه‌شنبه ۴ اسفند ۱٣٨٨ - ۲٣ فوريه ۲۰۱۰

1.خانم پرتو نوری علا -نویسنده، شاعر، فعال حقوق زنان و حامی مادران عزادار
"رفع تبعیض جنسیتی یا سلب حقوق مرد سالاری"
2.خانم ثریا فلاح-فعال حقوق بشر و حقوق زنان- حقوق زنان کرد
" روز جهانی زن، برنامه ها واسناد حقوق بشرو مسائل زنان"
3. خانم فرشته قاضی-روزنامه نگار(اولین روزنامه نگار زن که زندانی و تحت شکنجه شدید قرار گرفت) وفعال حقوق بشرو حامی مادران عزادرکه چند ماه پیش از ایران خارج شد.
"نمونه های عینی ازتبعیض جنسیتی در ایران"
4. نما آهنگ وپذیرایی

زمان:یکشنبه، 7 مارس 2010 (ساعت. 4 بعدازظهر)

مکان: دانشگاه اموری، ساختمان وایت هال،اتاق 207
301 Dowman DR. Atlanta, GA 30322

برگزارکنندگان: بنیاد اسماعیل خویی ،انجمن زنان پارسی وکمیته امریکاییان-ایرانیان پیشرو
حامی: همبستگی جهانی برای جامعه سکولار
تلفن اطلاعات-:770-698-0851 و1639-356-770

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