Monday, October 20, 2008

Soraya Fallah visited with Iraqi First Lady Mrs. Hero Talebani

Summary Report Regarding:
Visit with Iraqi First Lady Mrs. Hero Talebani
By KNCNA,Kurdish Women Rights Committee Chair Soraya Fallah

On September 27th Harmony Gold Theatre in7655 Sunset Blvd.Los Angeles, CAhosted a screening for Mr. Jamili Rostami film “Jani Gal”, sponsored and nominated by the Iraqi government. Iraq’s first lady Mrs. Hero Talebani was present in the hall for questions and answers. She stated she was an active member of the film making process and was engaged with the director throughout the making of.

Among the audience many groups of Americans were present for the viewing of the film as well as a small number of Kurdish people who were there to show their support. Every guest present was there on an invitation basis. Hero Talebani spoke English while wearing a Kurdish dress. The director answered the questions directed at him in Kurdish and a translator.

The guests were hosted at the Mandarin Hotel reception until midnight, after the theatre, where they engaged in discussions about the film, as well as about local and international politics.
The president’s son Ghobad Talebani, and his wife Sheri Talebani, were active participants in conversations about the different issues facing Kurdistan as well as Iraq today.

Soraya Fallah, the Chair of the Kurdish Women Rights Committee, KNCNA met the first lady of the Republic of Iraq, Mrs. Hero Talebani. During their brief yet productive encounter, at the Hotel’s reception, Soraya talked to Mrs. Talebani about the projects that KNCNA is involved in throughout Diaspora specifically in Northern America as well as in Kurdistan of Iraq. Soraya asked Mrs. Talebani to consider financially investing in these very important projects or endorsing any specific projects that she thinks is the most urgent.

Although Mrs. Hero showed interest and compassion for KNCNA’s work, she expressed that she is currently facing a large load on her plate and cannot help out; however, she will consider it for the future.