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Notes from Kurdish hunger strikers in Los Angeles  15.11.2012  
By Luqman Barwari, KNCNA's president 
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Photo: Soraya Fallah's blog

November 15, 2012

On Monday, November 12, 2012, a 48 hours hunger strike in front ofCNN-Los Angeles building was organized by Kurdish National Congress of North America and Kurdish American of California to express solidarity with the 10,000 Kurdish political prisoners who have been on hunger strike in Turkey, some of whom since September 12, 2012. The purpose of this protest is to simultaneously draw the attention to the lack of international media coverage of the hunger strike and raise awareness.

Our hunger strike group of four spent 48 hours around the clock camping in front of CNN-LA on Sunset blvd on the pavement; we were periodically accompanied by a large group of local Kurds and non Kurds. CNN-LA and LA police were both notified by our action several days prior to the protest. At the on set of the protest our group spoke to CNN-LA security to arrange for a delivery of our message directly to the news room, but although, they were sympathetic to our cause, we were informed due to the CNN policy, CNN never covers any protest held in front of the building.

CNN-LA is situated on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood with a constant traffic, both on foot and auto as well. We had hanged our slogan banners from one end of the block to the other end, and camped in front of the large doorway accessing the CNN-LA building. We distributed our press releases to the passer by as many of them stopped, chatted and showed their solidarity with the Kurdish political prisoners on huger strike.

Although, we know CNN and other media outlets possess their own policies, yet, we strongly feel values such as freedom of information and belief in the responsibility of keeping the public informed are adjusted to reflect the policies created by the bottom-line oriented CEOs.

As Kurdish American, we are concerned for the lack of media coverage on the Kurdish political prisoners on hunger strike in Turkey. It is unfortunate to see CNN and other international media outlets to keep silent on this matter as most of the hunger strikers are approaching their 65th days,www.ekurd.net and many of them may face death if a solution is not reached very soon. It is alarming for us to see the US and international media outlets to practice censorship to this level. Not to take the story lightly, but we have all witnessed an elephant gets stock in the mud and the international media outlets, including CNN makes such story as a headline news for days in and out, but they hardly mentioned the fate of 10,000 Kurdish political prisoners on hunger strike facing death in Turkey.

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Soraya Fallah and Cklara Moradian's talk in Kurdish National Congress of North America's conference 
International legal action & National Reconsiliation; case study Dr.Ghassemlou assassination 
This video was made for purpose of using in the 24th annual conference of Kurdish National Congress of North America's conference (KNC-NA) . The thyme of the conference is "National Reconciliation Toward Unity, A Vision Forward"..
on May 12-13, 2012 in Washington DC.Conference Date and Location:Date: May
12-13, 2012,Location: Residence Inn by Marriott at:333 E St. SW, Washington, DC 20024
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Name of the topic:
International Legal action a path toward National Reconciliation
Case of Dr. Ghaseloo's Assassination
Soraya Fallah & Cklara Moradian were co-writer and staff of Radio VOK helped to produce the video
(The material of this paper was used in Dr.Ghasemloo related conference in Canada)




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