Friday, January 19, 2007

Is Saddam and his trial Over??!!

Soraya Fallah   
saddam_executed.jpgNot knowing the truth is ignorance; closing ones eyes over the truth is a crime, denying it is a disaster. Abandoning the truth is all of the above.

Today the truth is easily accessible through the median of highly technical systems. No one can deny Saddam's dictatorship, genocide and crimes against the Kurds in Iraq, but the rulers closed their eyes and even worse closed people's eyes and forced ignorance upon their gullible minds.

In a world where selling the west's second hand technology and weapons are more of priority than crimes against humanity, what importance do the Kurds and their claim against Saddam have? When black gold plays a big role in war and Peace, how can the Kurdish voice be heard? It's no surprise that scenarios are written, played and showcased before hand. 
Sadly a barbaric character has been executed without confronting the full horror of his crimes. He will be buried in his own city, as if all the mass graved bodies were buried in their home cities! The Iraqi court was neither justice nor enough, for no one is there to accept responsibility for the heinous crimes against humanity, chemical bombardment of more than 5000 innocence people in Halabja, disappearances, mass graves, execution without trails, misplacements people from their own home city to another including Kirkuk and other Arabized regions. Saddam set up The Anfal Campaign against the Kurds, yet he was sent to his death without letting people talk about those things. They could care less about people's rights, and it wasn't hatred for Saddam that brought about his hanging; it was the fear of revealing the truth about their own role in his crimes. And thus they abandoned the truth.

My young son asked me a moving question; why are they debating whether Saddam should be hanged or not, when no one could defend the people who were fond in his mass graves?

Where are the Kurdish leaders and organizations that "claim" for Kurds? Have they lost their weight in the power deals to protect Kurdish people who trust them and lean on them for a strategy and security?

As a Kurdish woman, his premature execution is not the end of the story. I lost my uncle under Saddam's bombs, which were bought from those who keep people's eyes closed from the truth. I was pregnant then, like hundreds of Kurdish mothers, who lost their adorable children on their way from home to the border. I lost my brother in-law to the aftermath of Saddam's chemical weapons. Saddam's sentence to death is not the end of the story; the trial is not over and it will never be done...