Friday, December 25, 2009

Iran’s Internal Turmoil Continues, New Amnesty Report Details Govt Abuses

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iranIn response to the recent declaration by Iran that it will defy UN Security Council resolutions to suspend its uranium enrichment, the US, UK and France are poised to launch talks aimed at new sanctions as early as next week. Iran has asserted that its major expansion of its enrichment plans are part of a large nuclear power program for the country. The on-going international tussle with the US and other countries comes at a time when Iran is still embroiled in internal strife from the controversial elections earlier this year that sparked a major uprising of hundreds of thousands of ordinary Iranians. Amnesty International has released a report just yesterday investigating government abuses in the aftermath of elections. The report cites that many of those arrested were raped, beaten, tortured, locked in containers, and subjected to sham trials and mock executions. The report cited that security forces “resorted to exceptionally high levels of violence and arbitrary measures to stifle protest and dissent”. Hundreds of people have been executed this year alone, and the courts have handed out sentences of flogging and amputations. Demonstrations are still going strong, with reports that the influence of moderate reformer Mir Hussein Mousavi who lost the elections to Ahmedinejad, is waning. The New York Times is reporting that protesters are now taking aim at Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

GUESTS: Ali Reza, teacher and political activist, Soraya Fallah, a member and co-founder of the Society for Human Rights in Iran and of the 1 million signatures campaign for Iran, as well as an active member of Amnesty International. Both Ali and Soraya are among the organizers of this weekend’s event.

EVENT INFORMATION - (Download the flyer)

In Solidarity with the Civil Rights Movement in Iran Art Exhibition.

There will be Iranian Visual Artists for Human Rights, Music by the Shams Ensemble, Local Hip Hop Artists, and more, two films, “We Are Half of Iran’s Population” a documentary by Rakhshan Bani Ehtemad, and “Lion Women- The Fight for Freedom” will be premiered. Speakers include Hadi Ghaemi, Representative of “One Million Signature Campaign” in California, Hassan Yousefi Eshkevari, Shirindokht Daghighian, and Soraya Fallah. Poetry will be read by Esmail Khoi, Leila Farjami, Majid Naficy, and Partow Nooriala. There will also be an Art Workshop for Children. The Event MC is Nazanin Boniadi

Where: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, 1855 Main Santa Monica, CA 90402
When: Saturday, December 12, 2009 1:00-8:00 PM

Admission is Free: Suggested Donations is $10 (No one will be rejected for lack of funds)

Sponsors: Amnesty International, Society for Human Rights in Iran (Southern California), One Million Signature Campaign in California, Society for Democracy in Iran, and Solidarity with Mourning Mothers United4Iran -Southern California is a non-partisan coalition of Southern California Organizations, individuals and groups who stand in solidarity with the people of Iran in their struggle for democracy and human rights.

For Information: Contact Ali Reza (310) 458-3936 or Soraya (310) 990-1696