Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kurdish women rights committee

Formation of the Kurdish Womens Rights Committee (KWRC)

To prepare todays Kurdistani Women to succeed tomorrow.

To create a safe and caring environment where Kurdistani women know their rights and are able to reach their full potential as persons of integrity. To promote a culture of life and respect, opposing violence.

The KWRC is motivated by concerns for the Kurdistani women living in Kurdistan and around the world. Thus, it strives to bring the Kurdistani women together in groups and formal organizations to work together to protect their rights and improve their status in society. The KWRC endeavors to explore their delicate situation, and assist them to find their place in the political, social, culture, and economic spectrums.

In recent years, violation against innocent women in Kurdistan has elevated to a level where it can be interpreted as a societal illness. Thus, it is morally imperative that all stakeholders combine their efforts to promote gender equality in order to promote our common humanity.

Kurdistani women are equal citizens and should have equal access to education, health care and equal employment opportunity. Therefore, we must work to form a peaceful and prospects coexistence in Kurdish society.

KWRC goals and objectives:

  • Conducting seminars and workshops for the advancement of equal rights and leadership for women in Kurdish society to stimulate their interest in self-advancement.
  • Addressing the most current human rights violations, including honor killing and women trafficking, throughout the world.
  • Providing education on food, nutrition, medications, vitamins and disease.
  • Raising funds for and administrating educational programs for children in Kurdistan.
  • Establishing pre-school centers for children of working women.
  • Establishing a center to enable women to be economically independent.
  • Work with legislatures in Kurdistan to protect womens civil rights by law.

To fulfill its objective the KWRC seeks women & men within KNC to volunteer their time to reach these noble goals to elevate Kurdistani women to be essential partners in building a brighter and more productive future for Kurdistan.

Fro more info please contact the Chairwoman of the Committee via:

Soraya Fallah