Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kurdistan will be featured in Global independent Day celebration in Beverly Hills

On September 10, 2011Kurdistan will be featured at the Global Independence Day “Celebrating Victory of Democracy and Global Peace through Global Trade.” This event will feature more than 195 countries and hundreds of organizations. It is an all day program, complete with seminars, networking opportunities, dinner and show held at Beverly Hills Hotel, CA with appearances by important public figures and community leaders including the Mayor of Los Angeles Antonio Villaraigosa.

Ms. Kurdistan Soraya Fallah, will be star guest in this event. She will be wearing traditional Kurdish dress for her red carpet arrival and represent the people of Kurdistan at this global gathering.

Green Kurdistan will be showcase Mr. Kalhor Fadaiekalhor Founder and CEO of KURDISTAN GREENCITY, INC in this event. an innovative revolutionary organization “committed to providing the greenest, safest and fastest mode of transportation at the lowest mobility costs, travel mile to all the nations of the world. It also aims to reduce the human carbon foot print/travel mile to protect the eco-system wherever transportation needs have to expand”.

VOK Radio will cover the event with professional photographer Mrs. Rita Nessian. Check back for photos and videos of the event in the coming week.