Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Our new year and endless story

There is not a single new year that we feel it is time to celebrate. What a holiday season for #Kurds!

Don’t you think instead of  Mr. Brett McGurk and Defense Secretary Jim Mattis,and many others it is time for President Trump to resign? His decision to pullout the U.S troop from Syria is sabotaging himself and the country he is ruling.  Why the special presidential envoy for the global coalition to defeat ISIS at the State Department resigns? Maybe Trump thinks handling foreign affairs is like a play station game. I hope he knows that by leaving Syria, he is putting the lives of thousand others and their allies SDF (who fought ISIS on the ground) with over 3 million Kurds, Christians and Yazidis into danger. Does he care about people’s life?  Does he care about another disastrous crime by Turkey, about re-empowering ISIS& IRI in the Middle East? Does he know cost of betraying Syria’s Kurds?

Does he know it is time to start building trust and creating friendship and keeping friends in the Middle East? Mr. President! stop self-harm and harmful act toward friends. Stop U.S traditional behavior of betraying Kurds.

 Does he do it knowingly or he is lacking knowledge? Or all of the above?