Monday, November 13, 2006

brief biography of Soraya Fallah

Soraya Fallah is a lifelong Women and Human Rights activist, and a researcher of Kurdish origin, currently residing in the United States. She was born in Eastern Kurdistan - Kurdistan of Iran. She reared in a political environment, and started political activities at a very young age. She took part in politics in the time of revolution in Iran, and worked with the Kurdish movement during the revolution. She has been just as active ever since.

She attended IAU of Tehran were she received her Master Degree in “International Relations and Law.” In addition to this, she also received her Bachelor Degree in “Political Science”. Her MA Thesis was on “The Role of the United Nations in the Progress of Women’s Rights”. Her recent research and work has been focused on women and violence in the Middle East from a legal perspective. . She has published a several books on different political and legal matters, and many other articles on Kurdistan, woman and controversial issues.
She was working as a researcher in the Institute for Political and International Studies (IPIS) affiliated with Ministry of Foreign Affair in Tehran. Her family and she had fled to Russia to seek political safety. There, she and her husband continued activities in the Kurdish Cultural Center and researched about the Kurdish society in Middle Asia.
After hard and unsafe years in Baku (where Kurdish activist were not safe, due to Iran’s regimes terrorist), she sought political asylum in Denmark with her husband and two children. She continued her activities and education in Denmark. She was involved with the Kurdish Movement Organization and worked as legal adviser and member of Amnesty International, Red Cross and social helper in the Danish Refugee Council.And remain an active member of Amnesty International since than.
On July of 2000 she immigrated to the United States. Instantly she started working with the Kurdish Society of Southern California, broadcasted Kurdish cultural and human rights issues in California, and was involved with many other activities for Kurdish people.

Soraya is also a board member and co-founder of Society for Human Rights in Iran, Southern California, a non governmental organization that its mission is to undertake action to raise the public awareness on preventing the abuses of human rights in Iran. She is an active member of “Campaign for One Million Signature, Change for Equality”, which is a women’s movement in Iran. She delegated Campaign’s message for first time to the UN Commission on Status of Women. She is the chair and adviser of several other non-for-profit organizations, such as International Pen Kurdish sector, Northern America, VP Programing of UNAUSA, SanFernando chapter, and chair of Kurdish women Rights Committee, KNC, all working for the advancement of human rights and democracy especially for women and minority rights.

She is continuing her education now in her minor specialty (Psychology) and working as a Social Worker,and in her major specialty she will continue human rights activity to be a voice for the Kurdish women and represent them to other societies.She was the chairwoman of "International Conference on Kurdish Women for Peace and Equality"which was held in Erbil,capital city of southern Kurdistna on March8th,2007.

She chaired several International Conference in Iraq and US and delegated violence against Kurdish women in their oppressed states to UN for first time in Kurdish women history in 2007.

Her deep believe in democracy made her to work in "Kurdish/American Committee for Democracy in Iran"which affiliated with Kurdish National Congress of North America and servs the organization as the board member and chair of Kurdish women rigths committee.
Soraya Fallah works extensively with local and International NGOs to promote human rights in the USA and throughout the world, specifically protecting the rights of ethnic minorities in the Middle East. She is the President and co-founder of World’s Women For Life, which is a world-wide movement to promote culture of life and preemptive peace. As the president of World's Women For Life movement she chaired "culture of life" conference and lead a delegation to Iraq on Aug 2009 to promote culture of life and preemptive peace.