Sunday, July 02, 2006
MY Professor,
By Soraya Fallah

One of very amazing day was when I saw her.. She was center of attention even though the seminar was not about or for her. There was a seminar for Janet Afari and her husband. Nice and very rich in Departmernt of social Sience in UCLA. When my friend brought her to my attention. I was still in a middle of writting on my laptop from what Janet said, but she said she should leave and bey. I ran after her and try to avoid my shoes sound. I saw her from the cridor to the other part. I knew the Department with old design, but the elevator was close,so I had to make it. I got to elevator asked in a harry way. Have you seen Mrs. Keddie? No I am sorry he said. Ok, hopefull.. I went to the bathroom, yes I heard my breathing, Mrs Keddie... glad to see you. Who are you? I am Soraya one of your old student. For long time I wanted to see you. May I have a picture with you. Oh I am sick and not looking good today. Ok but you look very good. Ok and click the key of the camera by one of the staff...