Thursday, November 19, 2009

My beloved Mother in-Law past away

A memorial service to remember & celebrate the life of Mrs.Aysheh Khatooni, Mr. Azad's loving mother چاپ ارسال به دوست
Cklara Moradian

dayeh-aysheh-1989.jpgDearest Friends and Colleagues,

With a heavy heart and tearful eyes, I must let you know that on November 14, 2009 my family and I were given the sad news that my beautiful and sweet grandmother, Ayesheh Khatoony left this world.

Hajieh Ayesheh Khatoony had not even reached the age of retirement at the time of her passing in the city of Saghez, Kurdistan, Iran, but a life of dedication to her family and people, Kurdish suffering, childbearing, mourning and grief had taken its toll on her tender heart.

Her surviving children Nader, Hasiba, Nasrin, Fahima, and my father Azad Moradian will miss her terribly and keep the memory of her gentle face alive. Daya Ayesheh, as I called her, was always ready to feed, nourish, heal and comfort the people around her and often sacrificed herself to protect her loved ones. Her compassion and altruism were beyond measure, and this came as no surprise, because she was from a family with a long history of justice seekers. She lost many of her close relatives in the fight for freedom and she will now finally join her two dear martyred brothers, the noble Kurdish heroes Yahya and Abbas Khatoony.

Despite nearly 14 years away from my grandmother, I still remember her warm embrace, the comforting aroma of the dried cloves around her neck, her whispered prayers, and even the taste of her Kurdish cooking.

On Sunday November 22, 2009 our small family will be holding a memorial service to remember and celebrate the life of this wonderful, authentic, and loving mother, woman, grandmother, and honest human being; Hajieh Ayesheh Khatoony.

Please join us for some words, photos, and refreshments between the hours of 4-8pm. Presentation will be at 6pm and refreshments served at 7pm.

Location: The Northridge Village Community Center

8065 Canby Ave
Reseda, CA 91335-1303

Time: Between 4-8pm

Street parking is available by Northridge Hospital on Cantera St. /Reseda Blv.

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