Sunday, July 28, 2019

Dr. Soraya Fallah sent a message to support human rights in China

UNAUSA-San Fernando Valley Chapter’s Participation in Falun Gong Supporters’ Rally to end Falun Gong Persecution in China

On July 21st , Southwestern Falun Dafa Association, and Falun Dafa practitioners from Greater Los Angeles held a rally to commemorate the 20th anniversary of persecution of Falun Gong. In this event Falun Dafa practitioners, members of the community, and human rights leaders came to express their support for Falun Dafa practitioners’ spiritual freedom.

Ginny Hatfield, vice-president of membership of the United Nations Association (UNA) Southern California Branch, participated as a speaker . She said “Truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance are the core beliefs espoused by the Falun Gong,” said Hatfield. “We, as advocates for their human rights, need to tell the world the truth about what has been happening and continues to happen to the Falun Gong; we need to express our compassion for their plight; and we need to educate all peoples to be tolerant of those who may differ from us.”

Another board member of the chapter,  Dr. Soraya Fallah, sent a letter of support to the rally’s participants which was read by Thanh Le, a human rights activist and UNAUSA board member.

Dr. Fallah in her message indicated that “  This gathering is an opportunity to bring to the international community’s attention the efforts of Falun Dafa on the global level. Your unity also enables you to publicize the systemic human rights abuses in China, particularly the crackdown on civil society peaceful spiritual practitioners, Falun Gong.”

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After 20 Years, Southern California Supporters Call for End of Persecution in China.