Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Soraya Fallah and Cklara Moradian at Cal State Fullerton March 6, 2010

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Monday, March 29, 2010

"Free Berivan" Protest in LosAngeles, March2010 - VOKRadio

A report by Soraya Fallah:

VOKRadio presents a report on protest at Turkish Consulate in LA by Human Rights Activists to Demand freedome of Kurdish minor,Berivan.For more information please visit www.vokradio.com
On March 24,2010,a coalition of Armenian and Kurdish organizations gathered in front of the Turkish Consulate to demand the release of 15 year old Berivan a young Kurdish girl sentenced to 8 years in prison

This video has been prepared by Soraya Fallah exclusively for VOKRadio

In this video two of the organizer has been interviewed:
Vache Thomassian: he is a Board Member of the Shant Student Association (one of the organizations which cosponsored the event). He has been chairman of the Armenian Youth Federation (another co-organizer of the event). He went to UCBerkeley and he is currently at Loyola Law School.
Sanan Shirinian the chairperson of the United Human Rights Council (UHRC).She is also a member of the Armenian Youth Federation. She currently attend UCLA pursuing a bachelors degree in Women's Studies.