Saturday, April 08, 2017

Please participate : Short version of my Survey for study about "Families of Children with Special Needs"

    Families of Children with Special Needs Survey    

Greeting, I hope you are well.

In this critical period of our history, participation in an educational research is a best way to prompt social justice.

I am writing you because we in CSUN are studying parents and relatives of students with Special Needs and family origin from Middle East, North Africa, and Southwest Asia (MENASWA) specifically those MENASWA families who have experienced the US special education system.

We have an anonymous online survey that we are trying to get out to all families of MENASWA decent. Obviously, I thought that the families in your community and schools would be perfect to particiapte.

 Please let families know that we don’t need any identifiable information about them and the survey is COMPLETLY anonymous they might accept it.

Thank you in advance

Soraya Fallah

ELPS doctoral candidate, CSUN
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