Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Against assassination of , three Kurdish women activists in a Paris

We as KNC-NA, Human Rights Advocacy Group arranged gathering front of French embassy  to show our Condemnation against the Brutal Murder of Three Kurdish Women Activists in Paris

Here is the letter 

Mr. Manuel Valls

The Minister of Interior

Place Beauvau

75008 Paris, France

Letter of Condemnation against the Brutal Murder of Three Kurdish Women Activists in Paris

Dear Mr. Manuel Valls:

We members of the Kurdish Communities in Southern California are outraged, appalled, and anguished by the barbaric assassination of Sakine Cansiz, Fidan Dogan, and Leyla Solyemez, three Kurdish women activists in a Paris based Kurdish Center. The office by press accounts is called Kurdistan Information Center. The Kurdish media note their death as of January 9 at 6:00 a.m. but noticed around 2:00 a.m. on January 10. In your prompt denunciation of the savagery, you had characterized the crime scene as“execution style”. According to similar reports, the Center had been turned into a slaughterhouse as the three innocent women had faced firing squad like executions.

We join the French people in expressing our condolences to the families and friends of the victims and express our outrage at such an abhorrent ferocity committed on your land. As you may know these women were prominent figures among Kurds in France, human rights organizations, and members of the European Parliament; they had long been known for being staunch advocates of human rights, women’s rights, and peace. Sakine Cansiz, one of the founders of PKK( Workers Party of Kurdistan) and a champion of women’s rights had been imprisoned , tortured , and mutilated in Turkey ; Rojbin Fidan Dogan, was a member of Kurdistan National Congress, based in Brussels, Belgium ; shehad been closely working with European Turkey Civic Commission( EUTCC) and in their words “her work had been very important for our international work.” (ETCC Press Release cited in Mesop). Marie Christine Vegiat, Gue/NGL MEP of the European Parliament in remembering Fidan, laments “I have no words to express the horror and sadness I feel about this crime. Rojbin Fidan Dogan was the first person to tell me about the Kurdish question. She was so full of life. I will never forget her smile... (Jan,10, 2013<>) and Leyla Solyemez, a staff member of the Center who was working to create a better condition for her people. What these Kurdish women had in common was their love for liberty. Sadly they were murdered in Paris, the apogee of freedom.

We are torn by this great tragedy and join the world wide protest to express our outrage and condemnation of this ferocious act driven by enmity against Kurdish people and their struggle for freedom and peace. We find it very disturbing that before any investigation of these crimes, the Turkish government continues to use vindictive rhetoric of discord and distrust directly contradicting its proclaimed commitment to peaceful negotiations particularly at a time that Kurds are hopeful that the bloody conflict is being ultimately addressed. Sakine, Fidan, and Leyla fell defending the cause of common peace and human rights. Undoubtedly their individual and collective work and abidingcommitment would continue to serve as an inspiration for all human rights activists and humanitarian people. It is with this spirit in mind that we call upon the French government to investigate the assassinations independently and as expeditiously as possible so that responsible individuals and parties are found and brought to justice.

We also entrust our confidence in the European parliamentarians, particularly those who knew the victims to use their political and moral authority to exert pressure on the EU to play an active role in shedding light on the criminal investigation of this carnage and in promoting a peaceful and just solution to the Kurdish question in Turkey.


Dr.Amir Sharifi

Director of Human Rights Advocacy Group