Monday, August 13, 2012

An article about Dr. Ghasemlou in The Kurdish Review

This issue of Kurdish Review covers Dr. Ghasemlou who was a great leader for Kurdish people. Cklara Moradian and I contributed this article to the Kurdish Review because we believe that they are doing a great can support them by subscribing or donate money to them.

About Kurdish Review: 
The writers, founders and editors of "The Kurdish Review" are largely comprised of former and current active Kurdish youth leaders, linguists, journalists, caricature designers, film majors, health experts, political scientists and cultural experts. They have funded this paper in large part from their own pockets because they believe in the power of the written word and the positive impact it can have on our growing communities. Imagine the existence of a Kurdish newspaper in our community that everyone recognizes, from the nation's capital in Washington, D.C, to the sunshine state of California; a newspaper where all Kurds can submit their input, where all age groups and backgrounds are welcome, and where all Kurds have a vested interest in its success.
This is why we believe that "The Kurdish Review" will not only strengthen our understanding of relevant issues in our own communities, but it will also strengthen American knowledge about Kurdish issues and who the Kurds are as a people.

To do this however, we rely on contributions and advertising from both within and outside of our communities. The success of this paper is, in large part, reliant on what we hope will be a community that is willing to continuously support it.