Saturday, May 18, 2019

Soraya Fallah's Preparation for Belonging and Displacement docuseries


About the Project: 

This docuseries will highlight seven (7) women who have experienced and/or have worked to create a sense of community and belonging as unhoused, immigrant or refugee individuals. Short clips from the docuseries will be used to promote UN Women LA’s upcoming annual assembly, ‘Belonging & Displacement’ on June 22nd, to be held at the Santa Monica Women’s Club. The clips will appear on the Chapter’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter platforms, as approved by the interviewees. 

Alexandra Korba, Digital Media Coordinator 

Alexandra Korba is a 25-year-old documentary filmmaker and photographer living in Los Angeles. She volunteers for UN Women LA as their Digital Media Coordinator. 

Originally from Texas, she graduated from American University in Washington DC with a double major in Film/Media and International Studies with a focus on Peace, Conflict and Global Security. 

During her undergraduate career, Korba worked at National Geographic Channel, National Geographic Society, Paramount Pictures, Paradigm Talent Agency and USA Today. She has also had the privilege of working at the Cannes Film Festival, Venice Film Festival and awards shows ranging from the Golden Globes to the Emmys. 

Korba currently works at Moxie Firecracker Films as Executive Assistant to Academy Awardnominated, Primetime Emmy Award-winning director/producer, Rory Kennedy.  


Belonging & Displacement: Uniting Heads, Hearts and Hands

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