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Heritage, Beauty, Culture, and Quality Promoted Through Middle Eastern Beauty Pageant

Heritage, Beauty, Culture, And Quality Promoted Through Middle Eastern Beauty Pageantچاپارسال به دوست
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Heritage, Beauty, Culture, and Quality Promoted Through Middle Eastern Beauty Pageant
A contest for Middle East Beauty Pageant was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art miss_middle_east_09.jpgin the beautiful city of La Jolla, California on April 03, 2014. The event was hosted by the Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce in East County of San Diego with leadership of Mr. Ben Kalasho. An event that brought the diverse Middle Eastern communities together as a whole and showed a different and true side of the region that has been overshadowed by wars and conflicts. Beauty and Elegance was celebrated in an extravagant evening in which the Miss Middle East California 2014 was selected.
Three Kurdish young women (Sozan, Dalia, and Helen) were among the seventeen contestants who had reached the finale of the event. All the contestants were from Middle Eastern descents and represented the countries of Iraq, Jordan, Kurdistan, Syria, and Lebanon.
miss_middle_east_04.jpgMrs. Soraya Fallah, Vice President of Kurdish Community of Southern California (KCSC), an international human right activist and the former Ms. Kurdistan served as part of a high profile panel of judges that also included Lisa Haisha, wife of producer for Two and a Half Men, San Diego's KUSI News Sonya Berg, Fox 5 News anchor Shally Zamorade and San Diego Fashion Designer Andre Soriano. They judged the contestants for their ability to answer questions, the answers to questions, as well as worldly goals and dreams. The contestants dressed in three categories: casual wear, formal wear and ethnic wear.
"It is imperative to give importance to the beauty, education, and cultural identities of the Middle Eastern young women. In that region, women have been victims of cultural norms, their rights are subjugated and abused, and have been victims of few back warded mentalities." Mrs. Falah said. She continued: "It is the first time that all the nations of Middle East get together to celebrate and show respect to their culture and identity."
Mrs. Soraya Fallah suggests that other qualities like social, academic, the contestant's opinion and knowledge of human rights, and speaking one of the languages of the Middle East to be added to the judging process and not to consider facial or figure beauty as major elements.

Kurdistan Regional Government representation in the United States sponsored the program by allocating $1000 scholarship to the crowned Miss Middle East California 2014.The scholarship was handed on stage by Mr Diary Ahmed who is president of Kurdish Community of Southern California(KCSC). He gave a short speech messaging culture of beauty and friendship.

sorayafallah-dalia-dlxwaz-diari-family.jpgDalia who was one of the three Kurdish contestants was one of the five contestants who were selected to for the final stage of the competition. The competition was very tight and was not an easy task for the judges to select a winner. At the end Stephanie Malouf, 17, representing her country of origin Lebanon, earned the title. She will be the ambassador representing the entire Middle East.

The sponsors: There were more than 30 businesses that sponsored the event.
Shekhar Rahati (Shekhar Rahati Haute Couture) designer of Hollywood;  sponsored Kurdish judge Soraya Fallah for her dress.
The event was covered by local as well as international media. Representatives of Kurdistan TV and Voice of Kurdish American radio(VOKRadio) were at the event.

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