Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Message of Support for the conference by Shirin Ebadi

Shirin Ebadi' s Message of Support for the First Middle Eastern conference in Dyarbakir

I am honored to deliver the message by Shirin Ebadi

Shirin Ebadi’s message of support for the conference
I am very sorry that I am losing the chance to attend the conference because I am traveling.
Women, where ever they reside, are ambassadors of peace and security.
But we should keep in mind that peace is desirable and real when it is firmly laid on two foundations: democracy and social justice.
The classic definition of democracy is that the majority rule, but remember that some of history’s dictators, such as Hitler, came to power in the name of such democracy.
Thus victory in elections does not mean democracy. Democracy has a framework. That framework is a a free election, but beyond that, it also means that the majority are within reach of the power to govern. And most importantly the government should not violate the right of others.
The framework of democracy should be human rights principles, in other words, the government’ legitimacy is not only from the ballot box, but rather the legitimacy of any government depends on two things: the regulation of free elections and respect for human rights.
With this definition of democracy, no government has the right to ignore ethnic, racial, or religious minorities in the country. And every nation and minorities should urge governments of their cultural, social, and economic rights, and they should not be intimidated.
Meaning of Freedom of expression in human rights’ principals is freedom of speech for the minority who can not otherwise achieve political power. It is not about those who are loud and can praise the rulers in every state .
The opposition must be just as free to express themselves and suggest the formation of a seminar on different aspects, such as the conference you’re holding this week, so that discussions about human rights and democracy can take place.
Hopefully in the coming days you’ll have many energetic sessions.
Once again, it’s very unfortunate that I am not able to be there but I wish you all much success.
Great Regards
Shirin Ebadi

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