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Short report on seminar in Sweden/Uppsala Institutions of power and Violence against Women

Short report on seminar in Sweden/Uppsala Institutions of power and Violence against Women
On Saturday, Nov 17 Association of Kurdish women in Uppsala organized a seminar in NBV Uppsala, in Sweden;  This program was in observation of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November). KAWU is a non profit organization based in Sweden for advancement of women’s right, working against violence, and helping women refugees to integrate to society. This organization invited many writers, activist and researcher to bring about women’s psychologically issues or cultural problems.
This year Kurdish Association of Women in Uppsala invited Soraya Fallah Human Rights activist, researcher, writer, and Recipient of global human rights to speak on Violence against women and institutions of power.
Many people including members of different women organizations and individuals presented and AsoSat and VokRadio, and Feminist tribune were presented as media.
Member of the organizing committee of KAWU Nahid Mokri introduced the speaker with a short bio about her and Golnar Ghobadi president of KAWU talked about activities of the organization.
In 3 hours program Soraya talked about the day of elimination of violence, institutions of power in middle east and the countries that Kurdish women resides in, including governments, family, religion and corporations. She supplemented her speech with short films and analyzing them related to her talk. Participants got some time to speak and ask questions

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All participants were involved and excited when Soraya acknowledged them about information Table for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence and The International Campaign to Stop Rape Gender Violence in Conflict and their support. A few weeks prior to the seminar active member of Center for Women's Global Leadership Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey sent pamphlets, Talking Points, and other materials available in the 2012 Take Action Kit, Theme Announcements, bracelets and whistles (which are the promotional items this year) to the organizer's in Sweden.
In the seminar Soraya talked about the campaign and invited interested attendees to whistle against violence, take photos and read the material. She also explained each page to the individuals and young kids who never faced such an action in a serious seminar.
“Sweden is a country of many refugees where we hear some reports of incidents of honor killing in Iranian and Kurdish communities, and so many political refugees hold  program, event and activities regarding International Day for the Elimination of Violence against (Women 25 November), therefore lunching such campaigns are very important.”  (Fallah, S., personal communication, November 18, 2012).

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