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Soraya Fallah Will Receive Leadership and Human Rights Award

Mrs. Soraya Fallah Will Receive the 2012 " Leadership and Human Rights Award"  
27 April 2012
By : Cklara Moradian
soraya_fallah_n.jpgThe 4th Annual Sheriff's Show, Honoring Men & Women in Uniform, Community & Business Leaders will be held this Saturday April 28th 2012 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Soraya Fallah who is a lifelong human rights advocate and researcher, will receive the Leadership and Human Rights award during this evening.
Some of the other guests who will be appearing during this ceremony are:
The Honorable Sheriff Leroy D. Baca and LA City Council members, alongside many notable figures such as: Varun Gandhi, grandson of assassinated former Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. He is flying to Los Angeles to receive the "Youth Leadership Award"; Royalty Prince Frederic of Germany is also receiving an award as the 2012 Hall Of Fame Honoree.  A few respected men and women in uniform are also scheduled to receive awards for their sacrifice and hard work. 
For the past year, more than 40 individuals have worked hard to identify worthy candidates for this award ceremony. Soraya was known for them as an advocate of human rights and leader in the community.
From a young age she has been tirelessly dedicating her time, energy, and resources to lead and mobilize campaigns for the advancement of human rights around the globe. Her work has often endangered her life, but she has continued on with more urgency and resilience.
Soraya's list of activism and accomplishments are seemingly endless.
Some of the highlights are mentioned below:
She organized and chaired the first international conference for women in post-Saddam Iraq. She also represented the first Iranian and Iraqi Kurdish women's caucus in the United Nations' Commission on the Status of Women in 2008.
Her articles in English, Farsi, and Kurdish are regularly published in several international media outlets and magazines. She is a regular commentator on radio broadcasts such as Voice of America, KPFK, Tishk TV, Radio SBS, Radio sedaye zan Vancouver .
Soraya serves the Los Angeles community by helping elderly immigrates, providing them with mental health and community resources. She provides this very volatile population with the respect and compassion they deserve.
Soraya has co-founded several non-governmental organizations and holds advisory and board positions in NGOs that are raising public awareness on the abuses of human rights in Iran. copy_final_flyer_4th_sheriff.jpg
She is currently the acting president of Kurdish Community of Southern California. She works extensively with Amnesty International, Human Rights Federation, UNAUSA, UNWomen, and other advocacy groups.
She has often been a leader in the community and has helped pave the way for other women to follow their passions. In 2011 she broke cumbersome traditions by becoming the first MS. Kurdistan during the Miss Exoti-Lady Pageants.
Soraya has a graduate degree and works full-time as a supervisor. She is a loving wife and mother of two children who are in college. 
This event is organized by Maria Amor, president of We Care For The World organization. Thirteen other organizations have sponsored this event.

All proceeds from this event will go to causes such as an endowment to the families that have lost service members over the past 10 years. 
The ceremony will be covered by international and local media. More than hundred International, national, and local TV channels, Newspapers, Radio stations will cover this event. In support of Soraya some of the local media and TV and photographer will be present: VOK Radio, Apadana TV channel, Porchooneh Radio station, a Photographer from Rita Photos and two reporters for online magazines.
The Red Carpet will start at 5:30 pm, to be followed by Dinner and entertainment.

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