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World's Women For Life on news Story

Faith and culture: 'World's Women for Life'

posted by: Jen Marnowski written by: Anastasiya Bolton Date last updated: 4/5/2009 8:32:17 PM

9news_ww4life_soraya.jpgDENVER - Faith is what helps many of us carry on, often in spite or despite our circumstances. We're not necessarily talking about faith in a biblical sense. We're talking about a belief that no matter the challenge, we will conquer it.

A group recently formed in Denver has that sort of faith. It's up against a culture with deep roots and has plans to radically change it.

It's called "World's Women For Life" and it was formed in the home of Doctor David Kazzaz in March.

"We're not a political organization," said Soraya Fallah, one of the organizers who's been working on forming the group for several years. She immigrated from Iranian Kurdistan several years ago. "We're against death and violence. We want to teach young women and children about how life is beautiful."

Great American Wite-in Event in Southern California

Great American Write –In

On Saturday the 4th at 9:30-1:00 Pm Lack View Senior Center in Woodbridge Community Park hosted at least 42 organizations sponsored by Women For: Orange County. Organizations such as Advocates for Peace and justice, League of Women Voters, Kurdish National Congress, O.C. National Organization for Women, and others were present.

The organizations present reflect the stated goals of Women For: Orange country. Their vision is Advancing Human and civil rights, promoting peace and justice, improving public education, securing health care for all, and protecting the environment.

It has been 20 years (from 1988) that the Kurdish National Congress with the leadership of Dr. Foud Darwish, Kurdish human rights advocate, is participating in this event.

This year, Dr. Kamal Artin, Azad Moradian, Soraya Fallah, and Nyman Ardalan were available to explain the Kurdish situation, violation of Kurdish rights in different countries that Kurds reside, and providing information and booklets of Amnesty international reports on discrimination against Kurdish minority in Iran. A letter to President Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden were available to be signed by visitors and as tradition stamped and addressed to them by volunteers.

The letters asked the administration to put pressure on Turkey while they are traveling to Ankara, to end discrimination and violence against Kurd in Turkey.

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