Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sussan Tahmasebi will talk in UCLA

Tehran-based Campaign activist Sussan Tahmasebi
is giving a talk, in English, entitled
"The One Million Signatures Campaign in Iran: A Model
for Change and Equality".
Please come and let all supporters of human rights and
equality know about this fabulous opportunity to hear
about campaign’s efforts in Iran.
A Lecture by:
Sussan Tahmasebi
Saturday, May 2nd
4:300 p.m.
UCLA, Bunche Hall Room 2209A (2nd floor)
Sussan Tahmasebi is a founding member of the One Million
Signatures Campaign in Iran and the editor of the English
language website of the Campaign - Change for Equality,
http://www.campaignforequality.info/English/. In April 2007
she was summoned to court due to her participation in a
peaceful gathering against discriminatory laws which took
place for the first time on June 12 2006 in haft-e-tir square.
As a result she was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment; the
court has subsequently suspended one and a half years of the
sentence, leaving her to serve six months in prison for acting
against national security. The appeal is under review. Sussan
Tahmasebi was also among 33 women arrested on March 4,
2007. She was released after four days and was charged with
“gathering and colluding with the intent to harm national
security, disturbing public order and disobeying police orders”,
but was acquitted of these charges in January 2008
Parking is available for $9 in Lot 5, 3, 2.

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