Sunday, August 06, 2006

Woman in Denmark and Kurdistan

Women in Kurdistan and Denmark
By Soraya Fallah

Women’s right, suffrage, conflicts and abuse are all important topics that are
being discussed every day in different parts of the world. The situation of women is one of the most important issues today as it has always been one way or another.
As a result of the many bad conditions in which women go through in different parts of the world, there are feminist and supportive organizations that fight in order to gain the basic powers such as freedom, equality, and victory over violence and abuse. Denmark, the country I’m a citizen of, and Iran, the country I was born in, are so far apart when it comes to the situation of women. They can simply not be compared with each other! Denmark is an unusual, unique country that can be admired. Some of the significant things are the extreme equality between the two genders, the long history of women’s rights in Denmark, the accepted freedom of action and appearance among the people for women.
The issue of discrimination between male and female is basically old news.
Women are equally active, educated and involved in social life as men are. They are able to do anything they desire; their sex is not an obstacle standing in their way. Women are able to make decisions about their marriage, physical appearance and their own future. In Denmark the word equality is beyond the letters that are put together to form a word. This press has a meaning that is defined very clearly among people.
The woman’s movement began 140 years ago in Denmark. It is one of the firs counters to give the right to vote to women. However, in Parliament there is a small quantity of women with high positions. The one odd and ironic subject in Denmark is the issue of violence women use against men. Despite the high level women conditions are in Denmark, Queen Margaret is the first in the Royal Family lf Denmark to take that position in 1000 years.
Women are highly respected, as a common joke between the people say.
In Denmark it’s first Women, then Pets and children, and men come last! Their social condition would be better if they did not accept traditional customs, which have become a norm in the society. Though they have equality by law, research show that there is some discrimination concerning salary in the works place. Women are fighting and are very active to prevent these unfair incidents.
In Denmark, unlike other countries, women do not feel like the second gender, and are not put down by anyone for being a female. This country can be admired and look at as a fair world should be like.
I wish for a sisterhood society full of freedom and equality for women around the world, particularly in Iran and my land, Kurdistan.

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